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Thyme project 

From Vision to Reality: Salt Design's Comprehensive Interior Transformation



  • Brief overview of the project: A 150m2 semi-detached house inhabited by a bustling family of four.

  • Salt Design's comprehensive interior design services catered to the family's needs and preferences.

  • Emphasis on Salt Design's role as a full-service interior design provider, managing the project from conception to completion.





Understanding the Client's Needs

  • Initial consultations to comprehend the family's lifestyle, preferences, and functional requirements.

  • Creation of revised layout plans to optimize space and functionality.

  • Development of two mood boards reflecting different design concepts, with one chosen by the client to proceed with.

Detailed Design Phase and Budgeting

  • Transition to the detailed design phase based on the approved concept.

  • Collaboration with construction participants to gather proposals and refine the budget.

  • Creation of comprehensive 2D plans to guide construction, ensuring alignment with client expectations and project constraints.





Overcoming Challenges and Innovative Solutions

  • Addressing challenges such as outdated layouts and structural limitations

  • Case study highlights:

    • Redesigning the living room layout to facilitate family gatherings and optimize viewing experiences, overcoming constraints posed by the original configuration.

    • Innovative solutions for creating separate yet accessible bathrooms for the teenagers, involving collaboration with engineers and construction professionals to navigate structural complexities.

    • Creation of a master bedroom suite featuring an ensuite bathroom with a shower and fully separated laundry room, enhancing both functionality and convenience.

    • Streamlining the entryway by consolidating two main doors into one, optimizing space utilization and improving the flow of traffic within the home.





Project Management and Execution

  • Implementation of a structured project timeline to ensure timely completion.

  • Efficient management of the purchasing process, including order placement, tracking, and quality checks.

  • Proactive communication with the client through regular progress reports and milestone meetings.


Project Management and Execution

  • Streamlined Procurement: We collaborated closely with vendors and artisans to secure furniture, fixtures, and finishes that aligned with the design vision and budget. This included managing lead times, expediting orders, and ensuring quality control throughout the procurement process.

  • Transparent Communication: We maintained clear communication with our clients, providing regular updates on product availability, pricing, and estimated delivery timelines. This fostered trust and ensured the clients were informed throughout the purchasing phase.



Results and Client Satisfaction

  • Successful completion of the project resulting in a transformed, functional, and aesthetically pleasing home.

  • Client satisfaction with Salt Design's full-service approach, appreciating the seamless coordination and attention to detail.

  • Positive feedback on the improved living spaces, particularly highlighting the functional enhancements and design aesthetic





Celebration at Project Closure

  • A final celebration marks the successful completion of the project.

  • The reveal day features a fully furnished and styled home where the accessories are available for purchase by the client through in-house shopping..

  • This "Salt experience" allows the family to turn the house into a home, enjoying the personalized touches and curated elements.



  • Salt Design doesn't just design interiors, we create a journey. We recap our role as your full-service partner, guiding you from the initial consultation to the final flourish of your dream space.

  • Highlighting the significant improvement in the family's lifestyle and home environment, reflecting the success of Salt Design's comprehensive approach.

Ready to elevate your own living experience? Partner with Salt Design and explore the possibilities. Let us transform your space, and transform your life.

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